A Handy List of eGovernment Websites

When you’re looking for local, state of Oklahoma or federal government information, or you’re trying to accomplish a task like renew your car tag or file your taxes, try out our lists of government websites. Use the search boxes on these pages to find just the info or services you need. Or, explore the lists, which round up the top sites and services for both state and federal government.

Check out the Local & State sites page and the federal list of websites.

We’re making improvements in our technology and services.

The library has been participating in a technology assessment through the Edge Initiative. We get to see how the library is doing compared to similar-sized libraries across the state and nationally. We want to improve certain technology services and resources that we offer to the community. Having this list of websites was one of those goals for improvement.

We aim to bring you more specially collected websites on other useful topics soon.

Is there a local, state or federal resource especially useful for you? We’d love to know!